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Hello to all, To Danny Ugaldez: Thanks to his coaching and encouragement, I lost 27 pounds in 8 weeks. He has confidence in me and it shows; it makes all the difference between success and failure. Other gyms I joined had pulled the wool over my eyes with their promises of support and teamwork. However, once I paid my membership fees, I was left high and dry. I made no progress, and even began to question the benefits of physical fitness. With Danny, all that changed. His program is so good that I continue to make steady progress. Although he is always kind, he is also demanding-and I like it. Success means always going a little bit further each time. If it happens that I don't feel like training one morning, I need only remind myself that there are people who believe in me, appreciate me, and are waiting for me. Thank you, my friend.


André Newby

I had never really enjoyed working out until I started training with Edith. She has the ability to flawlessly incorporate different training methods within a routine, so to challenge the body without making the experience monotonous. She is also the perfect combination of tough and soft, as she always knows when to push and when to encourage. Her professionalism, vast fitness knowledge, caring personality and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately to her clients, bring the training experience to a whole new level in every single aspect. With her, your fitness goals will finally be reachable. I totally recommend her! Camila Almansa

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